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A little bit about me....

So I want to share a little about me and my brand….but first, why COCAVELLA!

Well simple…

COC is from Carrie (We all call her Coco)

AV is from Ava

ELLA is from Ruby’s middle name, Stella


But did you know….COCAVELLA used to be Three Little Girls - yup…so let's start from the beginning…

I’m Nichola behind the brand of COCAVELLA and mum to 3 girls, Ava, Ruby and Carrie.

My background has always been in IT and before I had my girls I worked in London for a banks financial services head office running their operations team. I took time out of my career to have Ava, Ruby & Carrie and I knew I didn’t want to return to working the same hours when I did go back to work.

My husband, Russell, had started to learn the knowledge of London to be a black taxi driver and I thought...I could do that!

So after having Carrie I embarked on learning. It was a bit of task with a newborn but I loved learning.

While learning I had also started to teach myself how to make bows for my girls. I spent so much buying them from a lovely local lady. The quality was fantastic but she suddenly stopped one day! I tried so many other’s but nothing compared which is why I thought I’d give it a go myself. So many days and hours spent teaching myself how to get the tying perfect and to the standard I wanted till I cracked it. I was making bows for my girls and then their friends so 3 Little Girls was born.

I continued to study the knowledge of London alongside making orders but 6 months before I finished I hurt my back and everything stopped for 6 long painful months.

Finally with my back kind of ok I passed the knowledge and was driving a cab around London. I used to tie ribbons while waiting on ranks. Yes I got lots of funny looks from other taxi drivers.

It worked but I much preferred the creativity of making the bows and the driving really wasn’t helping my back so I made the decision to go full time with 3 Little Girls. From popping names and initials on bows I then introduced a personalised product range. This also grew. I then introduced headbands, jewellery and hair clips but after a couple years I found myself struggling to keep up with so many collections.

Then COVID came along and everything stopped. I took this time to re-evaluate what I wanted from the business and what I wanted for my family.

I knew I loved the accessories the most, I have always loved bags and earrings!

But then who doesn’t. Accessories can add style and really transform an outfit.

So while I took the time out to help my girls with all what was happening around the world I knew I had to make the changes now. I decided what products I would keep making, the ones I didn’t like anymore or didn’t enjoy working on and what I would love to introduce.

I still wanted my girls involved in my name as they are why I do what I do but I also wanted a totally new name that I was proud of and represented the changes I was making so I rebranded to COCAVELLA. I love the name as my girls are part of it but it also feels like it’s mine too.


I so excited for what the future holds!
I hope you love the changes I’m making and also hearing a little bit about me.

Nichola ★ 

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